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As you may know, I will be traveling to Tijuana, Mexico from July 27th through August 2nd to build a home for a family in need with Project Mexico.

Since 1988, Project Mexico has been building safe, secure and weather-tight homes for some of the most impoverished families in Northern Mexico. Every home is constructed over the course of four days and built entirely with volunteer labor. Once complete, these homes are provided so that these families can build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

If you would like to support my trip and the mission of Project Mexico, please consider making a donation!

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Anonymous Donationof $50.00 - 2 weeks ago
MAY God Bless your efforts.
Samantha Campbelldonated $33.00 - 3 weeks ago
Awesome volunteer opportunity Elias!
gus wonaisdonated $100.00 - 4 weeks ago
very proud of you Elias
Sheryl Nichin-Keithdonated $100.00 - 4 weeks ago
What a great mission.
Violet Kovacevicdonated $50.00 - 3 months ago
Safe travels
Violet Kovacevicdonated $0.50 - 3 months ago
Be safe in your missionary project!
Dimitrios Fotopoulosdonated $100.00 - 3 months ago
Construction tip ... sun screen
Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedraldonated $116.67
Distributed portion of general donations to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral team.